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Social networks May 5, 2008

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I joined twitter after reading about it on the blog Arcane Code. This has to be the best way to keep up with people on the internet 🙂 . Initially, I didn’t stay logged in for any length of time, nor did I log in often. It turns out that one of my daughters found me on twitter days before I checked back to see if I had had any activity. Of course my children are linked to the net. I’ve had a microcomputer since 1982. All of them grew up with a computer or two in the house. Of course, children being children, they have their own tastes. Some are on facebook and myspace. Some are on twitter and facebook. If any of you also have linked in Gen-D children, you know where I am coming from (time to add facebook and myspace to my overloaded schedule).


Microsoft Launch Event April 30, 2008

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Microsoft is currently hosting launch events around the world for Visual Studio 2008, Windows Server 2008, and SQL Server 2008. Visual Studio 2008 was released last November. Windows Server 2008 was recently released, and SQL Server 2008 is scheduled to be released later this year.

I was able to attend the launch event in Birmingham this year. I must say that Microsoft can put on a show 🙂 . Getting a packet with free software doesn’t hurt, either. There were about 600 people in the developer track that I attended. My only beef was that the signup forms listed the Civic Center Sheraton in a way that you would have thought that the event was being held there. The event was held at the Civic Center itself across the street.

I want to change jobs ;).

Windows Vista June 18, 2006

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I have installed the Beta 2 version of Windows Vista. So far I like it. I set it up as a dual boot system. I have not encountered any problems with dual booting into Windows XP sp2 nor with Windows Vista Beta 2.