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Hurricane Season 2008 Early September Update September 3, 2008

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It is peak of the season time. The ‘F’ storm, Fay, passed near me and left behind a big batch of tornadoes and some flooding. Just what the doctor ordered to help ease the multi-year drought around here. The ‘G’ storm, passed through Louisiana as a Cat-2 at landfall, after peaking as a Cat-4 after wreaking death and destruction on Jamaica, the Cayman Islands and western Cuba. Gustav’s damage totals are yet to be finalized.

Out in the Atlantc, we have the H, I, and J storms. Hannah, could pass east of me this weekend. Ike is a long way of north of the Greater Antilles. Josephine, is a Cape Verde storm that will take more than a week to reach the US should it make it this far west. After this burst of activity, I expect things to shift to the Eastern Pacific and quiet down in the Atlantic for a couple of weeks.

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